Dear Fellow Christian,

As 2020 began, we could not escape the realization that every day it was becoming more and more difficult to openly share the pure gospel of Jesus Christ and the messages that He is conveying through many in these last days. There are but few who can bear the straight truth.

Both in the secular world through “hate speech” and tolerance laws, and also within Christianity through the ever-present proponents of the OSAS doctrine, Satan, through his agents, seeks to silence those who would speak God’s convicting truth. And with every passing day, the situation is becoming worse. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the censorship has become unprecedented, and providers like YouTube have been deleting videos and even whole channels that dare to deviate from the state-sponsored narrative. Thus, God’s voice, issuing from His people, is being silenced. Some have been looking for alternatives to YouTube, but the reality is that most of the other services are so primitive that they are not useful. Even the ones offered by Christians all support the false doctrines of those who just preach grace and love but forget that He is also a consuming fire!

Wouldn’t it be a blessing if there were a Refuge that was run by Christians, for Christians, dedicated to making God’s words available, entirely free from the attacks of false teachers and the constant risk of being shut down? That is exactly what the Lord laid on our hearts to develop and provide! At the White Cloud Farm, we worked hard to open Another Angel’s Broadcasting Network (AABN), a Christian video platform with an integrated social network, which has been in service since January 20, 2020. Despite the significant expenses for powerful servers and the technology for streaming and storing your videos, this refuge is completely free to users and without advertisements. This platform provides us as Christians with the desired independence from the world and largely protects us from being shut down by others. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us!

Now, perhaps you’re thinking, “Yes, that would be nice, but I already have an established presence on YouTube with hundreds or even thousands of videos.” Dear friend, provision has been made—even for that! It is possible for us to duplicate your entire channel to AABN as a backup copy from YouTube! In the event that YouTube would silence your channel, you would not lose your videos, which contain the irreplaceable record of your personal experience in proclaiming God’s word until now. (Furthermore, you might even find some handy features here that even YouTube doesn’t offer, like the integrated social network and downloadable videos, for example!)

In any case, AABN is run by dedicated, service-oriented Christians who fear God and work hard to push back the influence of Satan in this world so that he may not gain the upper hand at this critical time by silencing the voice of God’s people entirely! With our dedicated and redundant servers in different parts of the world, even in the case of a catastrophic event taking down a major data center (such as recently happened in France), nothing would be lost.

In order to keep the Refuge free from the attacks of those who preach a false gospel, we must screen all potential users a little through the requirement to agree to a few basic points of belief and conduct. These points, explained on our website, are summarized as follows:

  • I believe that a person may lose their salvation (and thus, do not believe the Once Saved Always Saved doctrine).
  • I believe that the LGBT lifestyle is sinful and I do not support it in any way.
  • I believe God is calling His people out of all church institutions that promote the COVID-19 vaccine, and that the vaccine should be refused.
  • I agree to not use the platform for promoting the doctrine that the Holy Spirit is not part of the Godhead.
  • I believe that God gives dreams, visions, and signs, which we should hear and test.
  • I agree to be respectful of others’ views, and to conduct any dialogue humbly, especially regarding time.

Please prayerfully consider this invitation to be a part of the AABN community! Once you’ve settled in, you can of course invite your subscribers to come as well. At the Refuge, you may choose whether your content is visible publicly or only to registered users, who are all fellow believers who agree to the same rules above. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this service to you, and we look forward to welcoming you on AABN at the Refuge of the 144,000 Remnant!

Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. (Psalms 50:5-6)

May God’s richest blessings be yours!

Follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth...

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