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This ministry is a product of love and a prophetic calling and is not for convincing others about the advanced truths of our faith. Because Laodicea refused to do their task, many are now called to the wedding feast that would not have been called before, as Jesus’ parable explains (Matthew 22:1-14). Therefore, the understanding of the true mark of the beast gives us the possibility to decide who is worthy to be called into the Refuge and belong to the 144,000.

The Refuge of the 144,000 is not affiliated with any church organization. We believe that the call of Jesus to “Come out of her [Babylon], My people”, is a call to come out of all churches and institutions, because they have corrupted themselves with the ways of the world, partnering with spiritual Babylon. For this reason, we have refused to yield to the governmental restrictions that official non-profit organizations are bound by in order to receive their tax-exempt status.

Jesus said that He must bring His sheep into one fold (John 10:16). There must, therefore, be a fold, where His sheep may be gathered! We believe that God is using this ministry in a prophetically significant way as a tool to gather God’s elect to one place. We have therefore moved in faith to make this platform possible for concentrating the prophetic voice given through God’s children. However, while we provide the platform, we recognize a clear distinction between ourselves and our users.

About Our Users

Users of this platform are the “tenants” of the Refuge, and are in no way affiliated with the Refuge staff, who are members of the High Sabbath Adventist Society, nor does the Society claim to endorse any content produced by users other than its own members. Regarding faith, our users are required only to adhere to the beliefs and principles listed in our Registration Requirements.

Members of the High Sabbath Adventist Society may be identified by the star logo on the forehead of their profile pictures.

About Our Logo

Our logo represents several elements of the High Sabbath Adventist beliefs. First, it is a star, representing the star at the center of the Orion clock (Alnitak—an Arabic name which means “The Wounded One”), which stands for Jesus. We believe this is Jesus’ new name, which He writes on the forehead of the overcomers of Philadelphia (Revelation 3:12). This also explains why we place it on the forehead in our profile pictures; it is a symbol of the seal that Jesus writes on the overcomers of Philadelphia.

The logo may also be seen to be the top view of a crown. As such, it represents the crown of twelve stars mentioned in Revelation 12:1. We understand this woman to represent God’s pure church throughout the ages, standing on the foundation of Judaism, clothed with the gospel of Christianity, crowned with the knowledge of Seventh-day Adventism, and welcoming the wisdom of God that He has revealed through the stars in these last days.

In the center is pictured the Orion Nebula, described as a “sea of glass” in the Bible (Revelation 4:6). This is where the end-time overcomers are said to be standing (Revelation 15:2) and it is to that location that we expect the Lord to transport the redeemed in the Rapture and subsequent star travel. In some uses, we include the name of our movement over the nebula.

About Our Name

In our name are referenced three principles of our faith. The High Sabbath describes our understanding of God’s calendar and the prophetic, end-time significance of the High Sabbaths—weekly Sabbaths that are also declared as ceremonial feast days in the Levitical law. It was a high Sabbath when Jesus gave His sacrifice and lay in the tomb (John 19:31), and a fundamental part of our faith is the high calling that God gave us to follow Him in a similar sacrifice of love, which we call the Sacrifice of Philadelphia.

Jesus made it plain that His sacrifice on the cross made observing the feasts and ceremonies obsolete, nevertheless, as the disciples received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a feast day, we recognize that they still bear significance as types and shadows, and give information regarding the timing of God’s work.

We believe that the Sabbath, as one of God’s ten commandments, is not to be categorized the same as the ceremonial Sabbaths whose observance is no longer required. With its roots in Eden, given as a seal for the holy marriage of God’s design, we see importance in remembering it as a day of rest and memorial of Creation.

Our belief in the Second Advent of our Lord, including the revelation of just how imminent it is, is a central theme of our faith, and is why we carry the name, “Adventist”. For nearly ten years, we openly proclaimed the message of Jesus’ return. Recently, however, we were led to change our policy.

About Our Policy

We have put our advanced light behind an artificial “wall” of a few dollars to protect ourselves AND our users from the ongoing persecution of the mockers and scoffers that Paul mentioned. Normally this class of people are not interested in paying one cent to obtain a deeper knowledge of the word of God so that this “wall” protects the fold that we are trying to gather in the Refuge.

There are certain beliefs—especially the knowledge of the true mark of the beast—that are already dangerous to openly utter on the Internet. Jesus counseled us to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents when we reach out to others. Matthew 10:16

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Dear visitor, may this place become a blessing to you! „And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.“ (‭‭Revelation‬ ‭19:9‬)

  Ane-Mari Fuchs
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